SQL Database Sharding Patterns

(originally posted at channel9 – http://bit.ly/Tju0aB)

Join Scott Klein and myself, as we discuss patterns and practices for sharding Azure SQL Database. The video session is a culmination of many hours of work to produce a framework / pattern that most industries could use to tackle the task of elastically scaling their RDBMS tier. Scott and I talk about some of the complexities of database sharding but introduce and demo a library that help overcome those complexities and provide the elastic scale needed in SQL Database. I highlight the key components and concepts when working with the sharding and then dive right into demoing the library to illustrate how the library can be used to implement sharding patterns into SQL Database. The sample library is available for customers to modify/extend/use and is compiled from engaging with customers who have taken on the task of creating customer sharding solutions.  While it is targeted towards Azure SQL Databases, the pattern is possible against on-premise and VM instances too.


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One Response to SQL Database Sharding Patterns

  1. sang says:

    hi shauntj.
    you can share souce code demo?

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