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Data Elasticity Through Database Sharding

Successfully achieving elastic scale is no trivial task, don’t be led to believe otherwise. It is without a doubt the most fun, challenging and exciting journey with HUGE rewards. Continue reading

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Migrating Azure services to new regions

The customer was looking to migrate their Azure services that reside in US South Central to US East region. The primary area required for assistance is around their database, where they need predictability of any potential downtime. The downtime should be as low as possible but can be no longer than 6 hours. Continue reading

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SQL Database Sharding Patterns

I highlight the key components and concepts when working with the sharding and then dive right into demoing the library to illustrate how the library can be used to implement sharding patterns into SQL Database. The sample library is available for customers to modify/extend/use and is compiled from engaging with customers who have taken on the task of creating customer sharding solutions. Continue reading

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DAL – Sharding of RDBMS

The benefits of sharding assists in far more than just capacity related scenarios. For the purposes of this post we will focus on sharding an RDBMS that is implemented in Azure SQL Database platform, and primarily serves OLTP scenarios Continue reading

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Brokerage Cuts Manual Data Workloads by 50 Percent and Strengthens Customer Trust

With SQL Server 2012, TradeStation can use the FILESTREAM feature to store BLOBs in its SQL Server database but still be able to access them from Windows applications as if they were stored in the file system. The database holds 4 terabytes of market data, and TradeStation receives about 175 gigabytes of new data per day. Continue reading

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Migrating Data-Centric Applications to Windows Azure

This guide provides experienced developers and information technology (IT) professionals with detailed guidance on how to migrate their data-centric applications to Windows Azure Cloud Services, while also providing an introduction on how to migrate those same applications to Windows Azure Virtual Machines. By using this guide, you will have the planning process, migration considerations, and prescriptive how to’s needed for a positive migration experience. Continue reading

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Successfully execute an INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE against a Database Snapshot

Not too long ago an ISV that developed solutions using SQL Server as the RDBMS, asked me how they could query a database as at a point in time. This was a relatively easy answer, thanks to the Database Snapshot feature. I was however surprised at the next question “Can we update the database snapshot?” Continue reading

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