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Data Elasticity Through Database Sharding

Successfully achieving elastic scale is no trivial task, don’t be led to believe otherwise. It is without a doubt the most fun, challenging and exciting journey with HUGE rewards. Continue reading

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Brokerage Cuts Manual Data Workloads by 50 Percent and Strengthens Customer Trust

With SQL Server 2012, TradeStation can use the FILESTREAM feature to store BLOBs in its SQL Server database but still be able to access them from Windows applications as if they were stored in the file system. The database holds 4 terabytes of market data, and TradeStation receives about 175 gigabytes of new data per day. Continue reading

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Optimize Recursive CTE Query

We recently assisted a global ISV to address a performance issue related to a poor performing recursive CTE (Common Table Expression). The ISV wanted the query that was running in excess of 3 minutes to run in less than 15 seconds on their servers. The end result of our efforts was a 3,600% performance improvement. Continue reading

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